Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like TWICE From “What Is Love?” MV

You too could dress like TWICE… for a price!

TWICE always look great, but they looked particularly fabulous in their recent “What Is Love?” MV. With so many outstanding outfits and fun accessories, no expense seemed to be spared. So just how much did it cost to dress the girls?


1. Mina‘s Cat Ear Headband

Mina looks adorable in her headband and so could you!


This is one item that is actually quite affordable. While there are many people quoting these headbands at various places, you can easily snag this accessory for around $5.


2. Sana‘s Eyemask

Sana’s ready for bed with her sweet eyemask!


Perhaps more surprising, the ruffled sleep mask comes with a $41 price tag.


3. Mina and Momo‘s Dress

Momo and Mina look absolutely fabulous in this Valentino dress.


Probably due to the designer name, it isn’t so shocking that it comes with a hefty price! The white version of the dress is priced at $6,700 while a slightly different black version comes in at $3,490!


4. Jeongyeon‘s Pink Pants

Jeongyeon’s pink plaid pants are both sporty and girly.


These Fendi Fuschia tartan wool pants cost around $1000.


5. Chaeyoung‘s Unicorn Headband

Chaeyoung’s fun and unique headband comes with a totally affordable price of $4.69!


6. Sana‘s White Beanie

An exact copy of Sana’s white beanie costs $29!


7. Dahyun‘s Yellow Tee and Eyemask

Dahyun’s bright yellow shirt comes in around $83 and her character sleep mask is about $16.


8. Jeongyeon‘s Red Forever Shirt

If you ever want an exact copy of Jeongyeon’s shirt you’ll need to pay about $130 for it!


9. Jihyo‘s Shirt And Headband

While Jihyo’s Moschino t-shirt dress has a hefty price tag of $270, her cat ear headband is much more affordable at $4.


10. Nayeon‘s Shirt

Nayeon looks sweet as ever in this My Little Pony themed shirt but it would have set her back $277.


11. Sana‘s Teddy Bear Dress

Sana had this cute bear dress to go with her girly sleep mask. Too bad it costs $724!


12. Tzuyu‘s Moschino Dress

And who could forget about the maknae‘s Moschino dress? If you wanted the exact same dress you would need to pay $683.

Source: @TWICEapparel