Here’s How Much EXO’s Chanyeol Showed Off In Front Of The Camera To Make Filipino EXO-L Break The Internet

Chanyeol flexed his Philippine money in front of the camera.

EXO‘s subunit, EXO-SC composed of Sehun and Chanyeol recently released a behind-the-scenes video for the filming of their music video for their song “1 Billion Views”.

The footage contained some interesting scenes, such as Sehun practicing their choreography…

…and showing off his natural aegyo as he clapped in celebration of successfully finishing the filming.

On the other hand, EXO-L especially loved this particular scene of Chanyeol where he flexes his money — but it’s not really Korean won he’s holding, but Philippine pesos instead!

Naturally, Philippine EXO fans were delighted to see the famous K-Pop idol showing off his dough.

Other fans injected humor in the situation by saying that the amount that Chanyeol was holding is equal to the amount of money they have after EXO-SC’s comeback.

Filipino EXO-L celebrated this “momentous occasion” by calling it a “win” for them.

This is just us.

– Translation of above image’s text

Chanyeol flexing his Philippine money is one of the things that made fans happy yesterday, among other things:

Since fans have been joking that Chanyeol’s money is literally their money — exactly how much is it worth, anyway?

Considering that Chanyeol looked like he was holding PHP500 Philippine pesos (₩12,148 Korean won = $10 USD)…

…it turns out that it really doesn’t take a lot of money to make the delighted fans happy, don’t you think?