Here’s How Much Hyolyn Makes Now, Compared To When She Was With SISTAR

Hyolyn opened up about her profits.

Hyolyn appeared on an episode of MBC‘s Section TV, where she openly talked about the difference in income since she became a solo artist with her own company.

The MC asked if she makes more now that she’s on her own with her own management. She said, “No.

I made a lot more with SISTAR than I make now by myself.

— Hyolyn

She revealed that there’s a large hole that she’s been missing since they stopped their group activities.

I think there’s more detriments than benefits when you go solo. I don’t think I can ever fill that space and memories that I had when I was with my members.

— Hyolyn

But even so, the members are the first ones who come to mind whenever Hyolyn is going through a difficult time.

When I’m going through a difficult time, I think of my members first. They’re the most comfortable people to talk to. I can only express one thing and they’ll understand 10 different emotions that I’m also feeling.

That’s why I think of them the most.

— Hyolyn

They also meet up quite frequently to never miss an important date in each others’ lives!

We met up for Bora’s birthday party. Surprisingly, we find time to meet up often!

— Hyolyn

Here’s to an everlasting friendship between the queens!