Here’s How Much Money Stylists Of Idols And Celebrities Make

Working with luxury brands and expensive items may not pay as much as you’d expect.

When it comes to fashion, idols and celebrities are always wearing the latest and most expensive items. From purchasing $1,000 USD footwear to $40,000 USD accessories for the idols and celebrities they’re responsible for, it would make sense that stylists would be paid a healthy amount for their work. That’s not quite the case.

Through Comment Defenders, two stylists who work with well-known idols and celebrities revealed just how much they’re paid for styling them.

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The stylists are actually sisters, Seo Soo Myung and Seo Soo Kyung, who are currently styling the likes of AB6IX, PSY, and MAMAMOO but have worked with groups like Girls’ Generation and SEVENTEEN.

With such big names and experience under their belts, they were the perfect individuals to ask about how much money stylists earn. They addressed the comment, “Am I the only one who’s super jealous of stylists? They get free clothes while making money. They can also wear luxury brands as they wish.

After rejecting the misconception that they’re allowed to wear the items that are purchased for the idols and celebrities, Soo Kyung set the record straight. They didn’t wear luxury items and weren’t rich, “It’s not that we make a fortune, but we’re not poor.

Soo Myung confirmed that sentiment, explaining that they have the freedom to purchase the things they want but not overly expensive items. “We make enough to get foods we want.

As for stylists wearing the clothes and accessories sent for the idols and celebrities themselves? They would never be able to work in the industry again if they were caught. Stylists aren’t living as lavishly as you’d expect; they aren’t doing too bad for themselves, either.