Here’s Why NBA Player Steven Adams Is Being Called “IU’s Friend”

He is even nicknamed after her!

Steven Adams, professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association, recently visited South Korea on his vacation.


Korean basketball fans have apparently nicknamed the basketball player “IU’s friend” because they are the same age. Due to his tall stature and IU’s baby face, the Korean fans apparently found it difficult to believe that the two were the same age.

Both IU and Steven Adams were born in 1993.


When asked about this nickname, Steven Adams replied that he knew about the nickname and was a big fan of IU as well.

“I know IU very well. I’ve seen her pictures and listened to her music. She is very popular.” ㅡ Steven Adams


He added that he would like to be IU’s friend!

“I listened to ‘Good Day’ and it was very good. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to become real friends with IU. I’ll follow her on Instagram.” ㅡ Steven Adams


Steven Adams has been seen in South Korea enjoying his time doing various activities.


He uploaded a photo of himself at a PC room playing some computer games and seemed a little discouraged after playing in the Asian server.

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“Well. No dinners here in South Korea. Every player is Shroud level…Gonna stick to North American and Oceania servers 🤓” ㅡ Steven Adams


He also posted some touristy photos of himself at a Korean folk village.

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Even though Steven was on vacation, he could not take a break from training and therefore, the Samsung Training Center generously offered him the opportunity to do his training there.

“The facility is great. The athletes also train very hard. I think it has a very good culture in general. The fact that athletes of various sports were gathered in one location was quite memorable.” ㅡ Steven Adams


He also only had good things to say about Korea with the exception of the hot weather.

“It’s really hot (lol). There are many things to see and I’m enjoying my travel. Enes Kanter, who’s also on the Oklahoma City team loved Korea. I heard many good things about Korea from him.” ㅡ Steven Adams


Looking at all the great things that have been happening to Steven Adams in Korea so far, perhaps he will be able to meet IU in person and become her friend too!

Source: Spot TV News