Here’s What NCT DREAM Have For Each Other’s Contact Names And Why Renjun Wants Jaemin To Change His

Jaemin means it lovingly!

NCT DREAM appeared on Lee Young Ji‘s Hip Pladio and exposed their contact names for the other members!

From left to right: Haechan, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Lee Young Ji asked Jisung what he had Mark saved as in his phone, and from there it spiraled into all the members saying one other member’s contact name.

Here’s what they had to say!

1. I like bubble tea, but I like Chicago pizza more

It all started when Jisung said he has Mark saved in his phone as “I like bubble tea, but I like Chicago pizza more!”

Jisung explained that one time Mark bought him bubble tea, but Jisung said he likes Chicago pizza more, so he just saved Mark as that in his phone!

Lee Young Ji (left) interviewed NCT DREAM.

2. Yang Yang Chan

Chenle has Haechan saved as “Yang Yang Chan!”

Though he didn’t go into explanation, fans theorize that the nickname comes from the Chinese word for sun: yang.

Because the hae in Haechan also means sun, perhaps Chenle put “yang yang” in to make a nickname!

3. No Jam

Haechan said Jeno saved as “No Jam!”

In Korean, it means someone or something that is unfunny or boring. Jeno was given this nickname by Haechan years ago!

Although, Jeno has been funnier lately, as the members have said. Jeno even agreed in a recent interview and said Haechan’s been losing his funniness!

4. Pak Jwi

Jeno as Jisung saved as Pak Jwi, which is a play on Jisung’s full name, Park Jisung.

Jisung is also represented with a mouse emoji, and mouse in Korean is jwi!

5. Funny Crazy Na Jaemin

Mark has Jaemin saved as “jaemichinajaemin,” which roughly translates to Funny Crazy Na Jaemin!

It’s a play on words: jaemiissneun means funny, michin means crazy, and Jaemin’s full name is Na Jaemin!

6. Good personality

Jaemin first asked if it was alright to say Renjun‘s contact name. Renjun said if it was “that one” to just change it, but Chenle said to be honest.

Jaemin has Renjun ironically saved as “kid with a good personality!”

The other members started laughing, but when Lee Young Ji asked the meaning behind it, Haechan said it’s a secret!

7. Zhong Chenle

Renjun said he has Chenle saved under his full name, Zhong Chenle, in Chinese!

Renjun explained that he has everyone saved under their full names so that when using Siri to make a hands-free call, he doesn’t have to say some long name — like Mark’s, for example.

Bonus: The story behind Renjun’s contact name

Lee Young Ji asked if anyone wanted to change their names, and Renjun said he wanted Jaemin to change his.

Renjun explained that because of his natural permanent frown, people often think he’s in a bad mood.

Since forever, I’ve been taken the wrong way because I have this permanent frown… Like I was born with it and it gives me a really bad case of RBF (Resting B*tch Face).

[…] Even my teammates would be like, ‘Hey are you okay? How come you’re in a bad mood?’ and I’d be so baffled.

— Renjun

Renjun asked Jaemin if his expression has gotten better now, but Jaemin just said “To me, he’ll always be the ‘kid with a good personality’ though.

Check out the clip from the interview below!


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