Here’s NCT Dream Renjun’s Idol Lookalike, And He Has A Twin

“NCT Dream’s Renjun, I have heard that I resemble him…”

With so many idols in the K-Pop world, there’s bound to be more than a few who have lookalikes—or at least idols that resemble them. That’s the case for NCT Dream‘s Renjun.

Fans have found a resemblance to him in a member of RBW‘s idol band: ONEWE‘s Dongmyeong.

Although they’re not identical, there are times when they could easily pass for siblings.

Fans claim they have similar personalities as well, making them seem even more alike.

Regarding how much he looks similar to Renjun, Dongmyeong spoke about it during a live broadcast, “NCT Dream’s Renjun, I have heard that I resemble him… it’s not that we look that much alike, but I think we do have some sort of similar vibe.”

Dongmyeong even mentioned how willing he is to become friends with Renjun, “I’ve seen him once at a broadcast… but I want to be close with that person as well.”

Funnily enough, Dongmyeong even has a twin who’s in ONEWE’s brother group ONEUS: maknae Xion.

Who knows? Maybe all three of them will be friends now that Dongmyeong has put the desire into the universe. What do you think of their resemblance?