Here’s Why Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon Is The Embodiment Of Overwatch’s D.Va

From hobbies to personality to looks, it’s undeniable that Yoohyeon is every inch a real-life D.Va!

D.Va is undoubtedly the fan-favorite from the wildly popular game Overwatch. In Overwatch canon, D.Va is actually Hana Song, a Korean eSports gamer from Busan who was recruited by the government to help suppress the robotic uprising using her video game skills.

Yoohyeon, on the other hand, is a singer who is part of the wildly talented seven-member K-pop group Dreamcatcher. A lead vocalist, Yoohyeon is known for her good impressions of video game characters, including Tracer and Mei! She’s also a self-professed gamer who plays everything from Overwatch to The Sims! Both Yoohyeon and D.Va are Korean (although D.Va is from Busan, while Yoohyeon was born in Incheon) gamers who are extremely good at their respective professions—eSports for D.Va and singing for Yoohyeon.

At a recent fansign event, Yoohyeon was pictured innocently playing with Nerf‘s replica of D.Va’s blaster. When looking at the image, it becomes apparent that the resemblance between D.Va and Yoohyeon is uncanny!

Aside from their similar hairstyles (and color, in certain pictures), they also have similar face, mouth, ear, and eye shapes, with the outer corner of their eyes pointing slightly upward.

Even their nose shape, eyebrows, and the fullness of their eyelashes are eerily similar!

Like D.Va, who isn’t one to give up easily, Yoohyeon has also shown she has the spirit of perseverance, after having first debuted in 2014 with girl group MINX before debuting once again in 2017 with Dreamcatcher.

And, because D.Va’s costume is a big part of her appeal, we’d also like to take a moment to point out that Yoohyeon can rock a skin-tight outfit just as well as everyone’s favorite fictional heroine.

Ultimately, the two are both charismatic beauties who fans love to love, and that’s why Yoohyeon is obviously the real-life embodiment of popular character D.Va!