Here’s How Park Bo Gum Was Able To Meet His Celebrity Crush After Many Years Of Failed Attempts

Park Bo Gum is quite the successful fanboy!

Park Bo Gum is one of the most popular celebrities in Korea, and he’s stolen the hearts of many viewers and celebrities.

The List took a brief look at his pre-debut days and found that there’s one celebrity who Park Bo Gum has been a fan of since he was very young.

Growing up, Park Bo Gum was a fan of girl group Fin.K.L, particularly member Lee Hyori!

Lee Hyori

When Park Bo Gum debuted in 2011, he wasn’t shy about showing how big of a fanboy he was. The background music of his mini homepage was Lee Hyori’s, and he would constantly upload photos of her.

While Park Bo Gum had dreams of meeting his celebrity crush once he debuted, he had some back luck. Since they were active in different fields, Park Bo Gum was only able to watch Lee Hyori on screen.

Also, once Lee Hyori got married to Lee Sang Soon in 2013, she decided to step away from the entertainment industry to focus on her love life. This meant that Park Bo Gum had no chance of meeting Lee Hyori on any program.

However, he found some luck when Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon decided to star in a variety show called  Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. When Park Bo Gum was asked to appear on the second season of the show, he immediately took the offer.

In 2018, Park Bo Gum was finally able to properly meet his celebrity crush!

Lee Hyori also showed a heartwarming reaction when she found out that she was Park Bo Gum’s ideal type.

Here’s the full video below!