Here’s How Park Seo Joon Felt Once “Itaewon Class” Concluded…And It’s Quite The Deep Answer

Park Se Ro Yi left a big mark in Park Seo Joon’s life.

Itaewon Class was a huge success, as it became one of the highest viewed cable K-Dramas of all time.

Park Seo Joon was the male lead of the drama, and he impressed the audience with the portrayal of his character, Park Se Ro Yi.

During the conclusion of the drama, Park Seo Joon reflected a lot on what Itaewon Class has meant to him. Having been Park Se Ro Yi for 7 months, Park Seo Joon wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to his character.

Itaewon Class had quite the influence on Park Seo Joon, as his character started to bleed into his personal life.

Having been so deeply connected to his character for 7 months, Park Seo Joon finds it strange saying goodbye.

Despite not being ready, Park Seo Joon wants to let go of Park Se Ro Yi without hesitation.

Park Seo Joon also had a deep connection with the story of Itaewon Class. Since Park Se Ro Yi was a character that had to fight through many hardships in his life, this made Park Seo Joon reflect a lot more on his life.

He continues to think about the deep impact that his character left on him.

Then, Park Seo Joon is hilariously interrupted by an accidental disturbance.

Park Seo Joon continues his story, as he reveals that he relates to Park Se Ro Yi. Park Seo Joon’s dreams of becoming an actor seemed like an unrealistic thought to his younger self. Yet, hard work and dedication helped get him to his current position. This is similar to Park Se Ro Yi, as they both fought tremendously hard to achieve their “unrealistic” goals.

Now, Park Seo Joon hopes that Itaewon Class can be used as a tool to help those who are stressed with their lives.

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