Here’s How Produce 101 Star Kang Daniel Got So Good At Dancing

Produce 101 contestant Kang Daniel has captured the attention of fans for his dedication and hard work.

As one of the show’s top trainees, his performances are always top-notch, but in order to hone his dance skills to this level, he had to put in an incredible amount of work.

It was recently revealed that when Daniel was still training as a dancer, he would travel for 3 hours in order to learn from the best.

He even sought out training from Son Byunghun, a well-known dancer who appeared on Mnet‘s dance survival program, Dancing 9.

While he was training, he never limited himself to one genre, and practiced many styles from Bboying to Modern dance.

His versatility eventually led him to become a backup dancer for Fiestar’s Cao Lu on the MBC reality show, Her Secret Weapon.

Now, all this effort and dedication is paying off as every one of his performances on Produce 101 has been flawless.