Here’s What Professionals Have To Say About BTS Jungkook’s Vocals

Vocalist king!

Surprisingly enough, there seem to be many people that deny the fact that BTS’s Jungkook is the main vocalist of the group. Of course, all the other members of the vocal lines have amazing talent, but Jungkook’s position in the group is in fact main vocalist. Here are what some music professionals have said about Jungkook’s vocals.

“King Of Masked Singer”

On his appearance on King Of Masked Singer, he received much praise by the panel of judges in regards to his voice. They felt that his voice had a mysterious sound to it that made the listener feel emotions from past memories. As for technical ability, they showered him with praise for his natural breathy tone and ability to sing in a variety of ranges. His attention to the detail of the song made his voice sounds both strong yet intricate, creating a roller coaster of emotions to the audience.

Music critic and producer

Although very emotional, he doesn’t go too far as he maintains balance with his simple and pure vocals. His detailed breaths and vibrations have just the perfect mix in creating his own space. When singing “IF YOU” by BIG BANG, he kept true to his real vocals and sang it in his own pure way. When singing BTS songs as well as others songs, he continues to maintain his own style of voice. He is truly a special vocalist who creates his own definition of what it means to sing well. Jungkook has a sort of moderate and reserved manner that allows him to switch back and forth between a young boy and a full grown man. His pure vocals are sometimes contrasted with his smooth head voice that connects to a legato vocal technique.

-<BTS THE REVIEW> with Kim Young Dae and Grammy judge Im Hyung Joo.

Vocal coach

Vocal coaches that have heard Jungkook’s voice have nothing bad to say about his vocals either. Some of the techniques he does cannot be copied by others as Jungkook makes them in his own style. They praise his ability to hit high notes without bringing any strain to the neck. They were also impressed at his skill in being able to change registers in the song without hearing a break in between. This technique is quite difficult to do and seeing that Jungkook does this flawlessly once again proves his place as main vocalist.

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