Here’s Proof That BTS’s V And Jimin Have A World That Only They Know About As Soulmates

What’s funnier is that Jungkook’s already used to V and Jimin having a world of their own.

BTS‘s Jimin and are self-proclaimed soul mates, and they’re not shy about admitting it to each other and showing the whole world just how in sync they are.

After all, they’ve even went to the same school together, so they must have been good friends even before BTS actually debuted to the public.

And even though V and Jimin have repeatedly shown to ARMYs just how close they are, with V asking Jimin to massage his buttocks for him…

…and Jimin putting his guard down even though V targeted him during a Run, BTS! game…

…ARMYs still couldn’t get enough of seeing “proofs” of their friendship, right?

One of the latest “proofs” is when V and Jimin were tasked to do the cooking for the whole group, they started to play a background music while cooking — and Jimin said V’s real name in hopes to start “role-playing with him”.

V immediately knew what Jimin wanted to do, so he went into acting mode and asked where they are right now.

Laughing at his best friend’s antics, Jimin said that they’re in a fantasy world — which is similar to how anime shows or K-Dramas begin their stories.

V acted like he had an imaginary weapon, and encouraged Jimin to “conquer this new world together!”.

While the two were off in their imaginary world, Jungkook walked into the kitchen — he had a pretty nonchalant expression on his face which gave the impression that he’s already used to what the two were doing in the kitchen.

V and Jimin ended their imaginary adventure by seemingly running off into the sunset together.


The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that Jungkook is so used to seeing this kind of ordeal between the two soulmates, so he’s pretty used to it about it.

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