Here’s Proof That BTS’s Jimin Completely Understands V, Even When He’s Not Saying Anything

Here’s the reason why Taehyung and Jimin are really soulmates.

For you to describe the relationship between BTS‘s and Jimin as “group members” or as “simple friends” would be doing them a disservice.

The truth is both of them have been known to call each other as “soul mates” many times in the past now.

V considers Jimin as his “dearest friend” who has been with him since high school days…

…as the two attended the same high school prior to debuting with BTS.

Their “powers” as actual soulmates can be seen in the way that they can communicate with each other, even without using words.

Every time V needs a comforting hug, he reaches out to Jimin.

Another example was during one of their concerts, when Jimin ran to Taehyung, they didn’t need to talk beforehand about what they were going to do.

They simply ran to each other and just tightly hugged each other with a smile in their faces.

Here’s another proof that Jimin completely understands Taehyung.

During their trip to New Zealand, Jimin got worried about V who wasn’t his usual self. He asked him if he ate something.

This is because he knows that V didn’t eat anything on the plane because he just wanted to sleep.

V simply asked, “Why do I feel so nauseous?” and Jimin’s worry increased because he kept thinking about his friend’s well-being.

Jimin couldn’t stand it anymore because he was so worried, so he asked V if he wanted to drink some water.

And before V could reply, Jimin instantly stood up to get water for him.

This is how deep the bond is between the two: Taehyung didn’t need to say anything else, and Jimin easily understood what he wanted.

Since V, like the rest of the BTS, strongly advocates against bullying, he once got angry at this friends because he thought they were bullying Jimin. Check out the full details at the next article below.

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