Here’s A Quick History On How IU Grew Up In Poverty, Then Became A Donating Angel

IU once even got financially scammed.

IU is now viewed as a donating angel that helps those in need. Yet, her upbringing was an extremely tough one and is one to be admired.

The List took a quick look at IU’s upbringing and how she had to endure a lot to get to where she is now. IU began with a pretty good beginning to her life, where her household was pretty well-off. This all changed once their family fell into debt, and she had to start living with her grandmother.

Her grandmother did her best to provide living expenses for IU and her brother but wasn’t able to provide too much for the family.

IU eventually started to pursue her dream as a singer, but she didn’t make it into any of the companies she auditioned for.

IU once even got financially scammed, where one of the companies she auditioned for had vanished.

She eventually had to move out of her grandmother’s place because it became infested with cockroaches.

IU’s new home wasn’t a very supportive one, as they criticized and mocked her dream of becoming a singer.

IU eventually got accepted to LOEN Entertainment and debuted as a solo singer in 2008.

She gained massive success in 2010 with her song “Good Day”.

IU was eventually able to pay off all her parent’s debts in 2011, which was 3 years after her debut.

After what she had endured, IU is constantly donating to help those in need and is viewed as a donating angel, among Korean celebrities.

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