Here’s A Quick Look On How Lee Joon And Jung So Min Became A Couple

So many coincidences between the two.

Lee Joon and Jung So Min have been a couple since 2017 and are one of the few confirmed celebrity couples.

The List went a little bit more in-depth and looked at some of the details of how these two became a couple. One interesting aspect is that they both worked together on the drama My Father Is Strange.

The two weren’t originally close and had some difficulties engaging with each other due to their personalities.

Lee Joon and Jung So Min also have a lot of similarities regarding their personal life. One is that they both went to schools in Bundang and even lived in the same neighborhood.

Another coincidence is that Lee Joon’s friend happened to know Jung So Min and was close to her.

They both also happened to go to the same college and majored in the same thing, which was Korean dance.

These many similarities, as well as working on a drama together, is what helped boost their relationship and helped them become closer to each other.

Even after My Father Is Strange concluded, the two remained close and even complimented each other in interviews.

It was eventually revealed that the two were dating since October 2017, but some signs were shown when looking at their relationship on the set of My Father Is Strange.

Here is the full video below!