Here’s The Reason Why PSY Had To Fulfill His Mandatory Military Service Twice

PSY was both criticized and praised.

One of the big reasons why PSY is beloved by the South Korean general public is due to the global impact that his song “Gangnam Style” had. The song achieved many records, such as becoming the first Korean song to chart in Billboard’s Top 10.

Although PSY gained high praise for his achievements with “Gangnam Style”, there’s another reason why he’s quite well received by the South Korean general public. This is because he’s fulfilled his mandatory military service two times!

Celebrities fulfilling their military service is a big deal to the South Korean general public, as many careers have even been ruined due to scandals revolving around military service.

MC Mong

PSY first began his military service in 2003 and completed it in 2005. However, he ran into some problems in 2007.

State prosecutors accused PSY of neglecting his military duties, as he was appearing on television programs, and holding concerts during his time in the military. The Seoul Administrative Court soon decided that PSY would have to be redrafted into the military.

PSY was soon redrafted into the military and completed his service again in 2009. While some netizens were critical of PSY for messing around during his first military service, he also received a lot of praise for completing his service a second time.