Here’s The Reason Red Velvet’s Yeri Decided To Become A Singer

It’s so wholesome and endearing!

In a post to her Instastories, a fan asked Red Velvet‘s Yeri what made her want to become a singer.

Yeri replied that watching the anime Full Moon o Sagashite is what inspired her to become a singer!

The anime, based on Arina Tanemura’s manga of the same name, is about the main character, twelve-year-old Mitsuki, who dreams about becoming a singer but suffers from a type of cancer that affects her ability to sing. She ends up making a deal with shinigami (reapers) to accomplish her life dream of becoming a singer, transforming into a completely healthy sixteen-year-old girl who goes under the pseudonym “Fullmoon“.

Fullmoon and Mitsuki

In addition to being a sweet story of a child achieving her dream of becoming an idol, the main character, Mitsuki’s cute corkscrew hairstyle was inspired by then-popular child performer Ai Kago, who was part of Morning Musume‘s fourth-generation recruitment.

The story of a young girl wanting to become a singer must have resonated with Yeri, and fans are certainly glad it did because her contribution to her group Red Velvet are priceless.

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