Here’s The Heartwarming Reason Why SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Carries A Plastic Spoon

“Why do you carry around eating utensils?” – Wonwoo

Whether it’s during filming or in photos uploaded to their accounts, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan always ends up with a plastic utensil in his hand.

From sleeping with a plastic spoon or holding it up…

to showing off a plastic knife, they’re items that he can’t be seen without. Since it’s a habit he’s had for years, Carats have always wondered why. In the latest Inside SEVENTEEN, he explained why they’re never far from him.

It’s become such an ingrained habit that Jeonghan can’t help but pick up a plastic spoon whenever he spots one, “If I see a soon, I always make sure I carry one around with me.”

If there isn’t one readily available, he’ll be able to resist the temptation, “More often than not, if I don’t see any, I don’t carry any.”

Although he’s seen with spoons the most, Jeonghan pointed out that he doesn’t have a preference.

If a knife or chopsticks are there, he’ll quickly snatch them up just as happily, “But, if something catches my eye, I take a spoon…or a pair of chopsticks. Or something like a plastic knife.”

While some habits can’t be explained, Jeonghan had a specific reason for carrying around the plastic utensils. He stated, “For my peace of mind.”

Everyone has an item that brings them a source of comfort; Jeonghan’s happens to be spoons and knives. During their rehearsal, he didn’t have any shame in carrying it around while dancing, like it was a microphone.

Since plastic utensils are the same all around the world, maybe they’re so comforting to him because they’re always the same. Who knows?

Check out his explanation for the items that are more soothing than you’d think.