Here’s How Red Velvet Irene Looks Without ANY Makeup On

With or without, Irene is simply gorgeous!


On February 18th, Red Velvet’s Irene posted no-makeup selfies on her Instagram @irene.redvelvet

Fans are mind-blown by her glowing skin and breathtaking beauty.

This isn’t the first time Irene has rocked her no make up look.

Last year on Red Velvet’s first reality show, Level Up Project, she showed her bare face on camera.

Irene is gorgeous with or without make up on. This is her looking natural and beautiful at the airport.

Check out one of the closest shots of Irene without make up on. She’s perfect from all angles.

Before Irene debuted as Red Velvet, she was a part of SM ROOKIES. Looks like she has always been flawless!

From even before she signed with an entertainment agency:

It’s no wonder she made it into the K-Pop scene!


Other Red Velvet members have shown off their beautiful barefaced looks too. Check out this photo taken with beloved and dearly missed Jonghyun.