Red Velvet’s Joy And TWICE’s Sana Are Basically Twins—Here’s Why

You need to stan them today!

TWICE‘s Sana and Red Velvet‘s Joy may not look like twins, but they share similar personalities and habits…

…so much so that it’s no wonder they’re good friends!

Here’s why Joy and Sana are practically twins and deserve to be your next bias.

1. They’re both beautiful

Nobody can deny how gorgeous they are! When they first debuted, they boasted fresh and youthful visuals.

Their charms are practically limitless!

Throughout the years, they became more and more stunning.

In fact, they often feature on lists of the most beautiful female idols in K-Pop.

2. They’re both super cute

Sana and Joy are naturally adorable, and it shows in their actions.

Because of how they have the ability to turn from sexy to cute in just a second, you’d have a hard time believing they’re the same person!

3. They both have killer facial expressions

There’s no doubt that they were born to be performers.

If you were to watch one of their videos, you would immediately understand just how incredible their stage presence is.

Not only do they have riveting facial expressions, they also have killer gazes that are guaranteed to capture your attention.

Once you become a fan, it’s impossible to turn back!

One thing’s for certain—Joy and Sana have beautiful visuals, adorable personalities, and a killer stage presence. K-Pop is blessed to have them!

Source: Nate