Here’s how Robots are affecting jobs in Korea

Over half of all jobs in Korea are likely to be replaced with robots in the next decade.

While some find this a huge leap forward for Korean technology, the majority of Koreans are very worried and stressed about their future.

Image Source: UNIST

According to research done by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET), citizens over the age of 50, temporary employees, and high school drop-outs will suffer the most.

Image Source: OhMyNews

Those working in transportation, wholesale, and retail will be the most highly affected, as KRIVET found that 81.3% of jobs in those fields may be replaced with robots.

Image Source: NowNews

On the other hand, those who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of economics, finance, or education will be less affected as jobs in their fields require human employees.

Image Source: Daeban

Some shops in Korea have already introduced artificial intelligence, such as this 7-Eleven in Lotte World Tower, which allows customers to pay for their products with nothing but the palm of their hand.

Image Source: ET News

Source: Chosun