Here’s What SEVENTEEN Fans Do When They Know The MCs Aren’t Looking

These two Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fan club) noticed that the film crew started filming behind them, and decided to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity perfectly.

With their backs to the camera, these Carats pulled out their SEVENTEEN merch, displaying it and promoting SEVENTEEN in the simplest and, perhaps, most hilarious way!

The fan on the right held up photos of Hoshi, Joshua, and Mingyu while a fan, hidden by Kim Shin Young, stuck out her arm with a photo and banner for Seungkwan.

While the fan to MC Kim Shin Young’s right kept things simple by holding up pictures of the members, the fan seated directly behind the MC totally stole the show with her arms and SEVENTEEN merchandise popping in and out of view.

Not to leave anyone out, the fan on the right was sure to switch the photos she held up to those of SEVENTEEN’s leader S.Coups and member Jeonghan!

Other carats were sure to include their Carat Bongs in the shot as well.

Don’t let it ever be said that SEVENTEEN’s fans don’t take their job as fans seriously!

Watch the full video below!