Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s Jun Cut His Long Hair And Hasn’t Grown It Out Since

Someone influenced the major chop, and he hasn’t gone back for years.

Before SEVENTEEN debuted, there were quite a few members with long, lovely hair. Besides Woozi and Jeonghan, Jun was among them.

| @junhui_hot/Twitter

Thanks to someone in particular, though, Jun made a drastic change to chop it all off. Here’s what caused the change.

During their pre-debut show SEVENTEEN PROJECT: Debut Big Plan, the group listened to the judges’ advice following their performance in episode three.

Making many of the members laugh, rapper Jessi interjected, “This isn’t relevant, but I hope you all will cut your hair.

Jessi even made their other judges laugh as well when she suggested SEVENTEEN could set themselves apart from other groups by rocking the bald look. “How about making them shave their heads?

Although Jessi’s comments brought laughter to everyone, one member took that advice.

Not too long after Jessi had appeared as a judge, Jun had chopped off his long hair.

In an interview segment, Jun admitted that Jessi had been the reason behind the change when choosing her as the most unforgettable judge. “Jessi sunbae-nim! I got a haircut thanks to her.

Until this very day, some fans still mourn Jun’s long hair and hope it’ll make a comeback. With five years gone by since then, it seems like a look that’ll never be seen again.

Even so, Jun with short hair is a look that’s always a hit. Check out the turning point for Jun’s long hair.