Here’s How SHINee’s Key Totally Spooked Out Red Velvet’s Yeri On Her New Radio Show

Anyone would be spooked by what Key said.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is the host of the new KBS Cool FM STATION Z and to support her new work, SHINee‘s Key pulled a loveable prank phone call on her!

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

To disguise himself, Key called in as a listener who needed some advice. Pretending to be a random caller, Key asked for advice on what he should do about a friend who keeps stealing his style.

After Yeri gave Key some great advice, Key (still pretending to be a stranger) stated, “Honestly, I’ve met Yeri.” Shocked, Yeri asked where they’ve met before. To her surprise, Key replied that they’ve met at SM Town and other places as well.

Of course, Yeri was shocked and a bit frightened by the caller’s confession to which she responded, “So scary!” After a few more sentences from Key, Yeri finally recognized how she was talking to: “Ah, what the… It’s Kibum oppa!”

After the two settled down, Yeri hilariously called Key out for not replying back to her previous messages and calls: “Why’d u call when u left me on read and won’t answer my calls?

Once Yeri finished lovingly teasing Key, she thanked Key and shared, “Oppa, thanks for your call, I feel more confident.” Key continued to show his support and commented, “You’re doing a good job! it’s so good to see you.”

Check out the clip below: