Here’s How SHINee’s Taemin Really Feels About Always Being Recognized For His Dancing Instead Of His Singing

Taemin is a great dancer AND singer!

SHINee‘s Taemin is an extremely talented and versatile performer, but most people know him for his incredible dancing.

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As a soloist, as SHINee’s main dancer, and as a SuperM member, Taemin has impressed audiences with his jaw-dropping dance skills for years.

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While Taemin’s dancing is certainly worth talking about, he has a great voice, too. He’s shown off his voice in SHINee’s songs, SuperM’s songs, and in his solo songs.

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Taemin’s voice is incredibly versatile. He can easily transition from smoky and sultry vocals to powerful belting.

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When Taemin appeared on Yu Huiyeol‘s Sketchbook in 2019, Yu Huiyeol pointed out that Taemin has a great voice, but most people mention his dancing when they talk about him. He said, “Since Taemin is known for his dance performance, we just tend to describe him only in that field. He’s actually a great singer too though.”

Yu Huiyeol continued, “I’m sure you feel bad about not being acknowledged.”

Taemin said he knows that people recognize him for his dance skills and that he sometimes feels pressured to put on a better performance to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Taemin confessed that he’s greedy” when it comes to singing and that he wants his voice to be acknowledged just as much as his dancing. He said, “Still, I’m greedy when it comes to singing too. Everyone only talks about my dancing though. I have been wanting to just sing at times.”

Since this interview, Taemin has been able to show off more of his voice without dancing, like during the encore of his online concert Beyond LIVE – Taemin: N.G.D.A.

We hope Taemin gets to show more of his voice off in the future just like he said he wants to!

You can see Taemin’s interview with Yu Huiyeol below.