Here’s The Simple Reason Why Gong Yoo Decided To Accept His Role In “Goblin”

Gong Yoo originally rejected his role in “Goblin”.

One of Gong Yoo‘s most memorable performances is his role in Goblin.

During an interview, it was revealed that Gong Yoo had originally rejected being in Goblin the first time he was offered.

Writer Kim Eun Sook was in for a shock once Gong Yoo reconsidered and message her that he would be willing to take the lead role.

It was shocking, as Gong Yoo had been in a K-Drama hiatus for a couple of years before Goblin.

The reason for the hiatus was that Gong Yoo developed a fear of K-Dramas, so he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to pull off the role in Goblin.

The reason why he changed his mind was due to a meeting with the writer, Kim Eun Sook. He was shocked by how humble she was and how much she wanted Gong Yoo to be involved with the project.

The conversations with Kim Eun Sook helped Gong Yoo open up a little and made him more comfortable about accepting the role.

Gong Yoo was also extremely touched by Kim Eun Sook’s encouragement to Gong Yoo and her passion for the project.

Here is the full video below!