Here’s The Simple Reason Why Park Bo Gum Rejected Offers From SM, YG, And JYP Entertainment

Park Bo Gum became an actor for a simple reason.

Park Bo Gum is currently one of the most famous actors in South Korea.

The List took a brief look at his history and found some interesting details. They found that Park Bo Gum had a humble start to his career. While Park Bo Gum had debuted in 2011, he didn’t gain massive attention until 2016.

After 2016, Park Bo Gum became a household name and was one of the biggest celebrities in South Korea.

While Park Bo Gum had humble beginnings in his acting career, he was quite famous pre-debut. This is because he was accepted by SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment!

Park Bo Gum had originally wanted to become a singer and submitted his audition clip to multiple companies.

He was in for a surprise when he saw that he had been accepted to all the companies he applied for. However, Park Bo Gum decided to go against his original plans and pursued acting.

The reason for this was quite simple. Park Bo Gum had decided to sign with the agency that he heard back from first. The agency then recommended Park Bo Gum to try out acting, and the rest is history.

While Park Bo Gum is now known mainly for his acting, he has shown off his musical talents many times.

Here is the full video below!