Here’s A Sneak Peak At Yoona’s New Song “To You”

Check out Yoona’s charming voice in this sneak peek of her new collaboration with Lee Hyori!

A sneak peek of Yoona’s new song “To You” produced by Lee Hyori has been released!


Lee Hyori had previously suggested that Yoona write the lyrics to her new song on Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast.


Since then, Yoona had spent her free time after work creating the lyrics to the song.


Despite being exhausted after working at Hyori’s house, Yoona didn’t give up on creating the best possible lyrics for Hyori’s song.


Here are the end results of her efforts! The song titled “To You” was composed by Lee Sang Soon, written by Yoona and produced by Lee Hyori.


Netizens have been complimenting Yoona on her beautiful voice and how well it fits with the lyrics she wrote.

  • “The song is so good…it draws you inㅠㅠ”
  • “The lyrics are pretty and goes really well with Yoona’s tone of voice~^^”
  • “Yoona’s singing voice ㅠㅠ I only heard a part of the lyrics but it’s so good ㅎㅎ I hope it comes out fastㅎㅎ”
  • “Yoona’s voice is so peaceful and comforting, it’s so nice to hear”
  • “Yonn’as singing voice is so beautiful and the lyrics are so good, hurry up and come out”
Source: Naver TV