Here’s The Special Birthday Gift That IU Once Gave To Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

These two are like sisters to each other!

IU and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon have always had a heartwarming friendship, especially during their earlier days.

This friendship was also on display when IU once gave Taeyeon a special birthday gift. Taeyeon was surprised when she was presented with a red gift box.

It turned out that IU had gifted Taeyeon a CD.

IU goes on to explain that since the two share similar music tastes, she thought that Taeyeon would like a lot of the artists that she listens to.

IU even hilariously asks Taeyeon to give it a try even if she doesn’t like it.

The album was an Oren Lavie one, who is an Israeli artist.

Taeyeon goes on to thank IU for the gift, as she was very appreciative of the gesture.

IU even gets embarrassed when Taeyeon mentions that a letter was included in the gift, as she didn’t want Taeyeon to read the letter aloud.

Here is the full video below!