Here’s The Story Of How BTS Jungkook’s Parents Became A Couple

Jungkook’s mother has quite the personality.

BTS Jungkook‘s parents have trended in the past for their gorgeous and youthful visuals.

Jungkook’s father
Jungkook’s mother

During an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Kang Ho Dong was having a conversation with Jungkook.

During their conversation, Jungkook decided to share a few details about his parents. He begins by talking about how his father was once a smoker but decided to quit after many years of Jungkook persuading him.

Jungkook has always been vocal about wanting his father to quit smoking, so this was something that brought him lots of joy.

During their conversation, Jungkook shocked Kang Ho Dong once he revealed his father’s age.

Kang Ho Dong was shocked because Jungkook’s father is younger than he is!

Nothing but laughter and disbelief came out of Kang Ho Dong’s mouth once he realized the age gap between Jungkook and him.

Jungkook tries to make Kang Ho Dong feel better by explaining that his father got married at a relatively young age.

When asked about how his parents got together, Jungkook reveals that his mother was the one who hit on his father.

Jungkook’s mother fell for him because of his charming looks.

Here is the full video below!