Here’s The Story Of How Kim Soo Hyun Became One Of South Korea’s Most Popular Celebrities

You’ll be shocked by how much Kim Soo Hyun makes.

Kim Soo Hyun has become a household name in the South Korean entertainment industry, as it’s almost impossible for people in South Korea to not know him.

The List took a brief look at Kim Soo Hyun’s career and found that it took him several years to become a household name.

Kim Soo Hyun first gained attention after his appearance on the K-Drama Dream High in 2011. After this, Kim Soo Hyun’s career started progressing rapidly. In 2012, he was cast in the K-Drama Moon Embracing The Sun, which is one of the most popular K-Dramas of all time.

After this, Kim Soo Hyun was getting multiple CF offers from companies. With just CFs alone, Kim Soo Hyun made around ₩8 billion KRW ($6,614,002 USD) in 2012.

However, Kim Soo Hyun’s most famous role may have been from the K-Drama My Love From Another Star.

My Love From Another Star was a hit not only in South Korea but all over Asia. After his role in My Love From Another Star, Kim Soo Hyun became one of the biggest Hallyu stars.

The List then took a look at Kim Soo Hyun’s earnings after My Love From Another Star concluded and found some shocking answers. Kim Soo Hyun is expected to have made around ₩6.5 billion KRW ($5,373,588 USD) from just his fanmeetings in 2014.

In just one appearance on a Chinese variety show, Kim Soo Hyun made millions.

When looking at his modeling fees in China, Kim Soo Hyun is comparable to some of the top Chinese celebrities!

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