Here’s The Story Of How Ong Seongwu Once Flexed Big-time For His Family…And Had Immediate Regrets

You’ll be surprised by the amount of money he spent.

Ong Seongwu is quite the humorous idol, as he’s quite well known for his playful personality.

During an episode of Radio Star, Ong Seongwu shared a hilarious story of the time when he flexed big-time for his family. He revealed that his aunts were a big part of his life, as they helped his family whenever they were dealing with financial problems.

Due to this, Ong Seongwu’s mother made sure to let him know about the sacrifices his aunts made for him.

Once Ong Seongwu debuted, his aunts jokingly asked him to repay them for their past actions.

Ong Seongwu didn’t forget about his mother’s past message, so he decided to give all of his aunts a vacation.

However, disaster struck once the vacation began.

The reason why was because Ong Seongwu didn’t choose a package tour with a tour guide, he planned a lot of the trip himself.

Despite how expensive the trip was, all Ong Seongwu heard was constant complaining from his aunts.

It got to the point where Ong Seongwu and his sister started having immediate regrets about tagging along on the vacation.

Ong Seongwu concludes the story by saying how he might get a call from his aunts once his story is broadcasted.

Here is the full video below!