Here’s How Strict BTS’s Suga Was When He Was A Member Of His School’s Student Council

A lot of students ended up hating Suga!

When BTS‘s Suga was in high school, he was a member of his school’s student council, and he was quite strict.

Suga went to a boy’s private school that was quite strict about many things, such as hair length. During an episode of Beatles Code, Suga shared that he was in charge of making sure that all the students at the school didn’t have hair that went below their ears.

Whenever Suga caught a student breaking this rule, he would immediately bring them to a teacher.

However, Suga’s strictness didn’t gain him a lot of popularity, as he admitted that a lot of students at his school hated him for how strict he was.

When asked how he maintained his relationship with his classmates, Suga stated that he would put a lot of thought into important days, such as his classmates’ birthdays.

Here’s the full video below!