Here’s Why SuperM Music Videos Often Have Helicopters, Cars, Or Tanks

The group has a touching reason for all those fast-paced modes of transportation.

Whenever you watch a SuperM music video, especially one for their title tracks, there’s always more than one form of transportation taking the spotlight. The tank and helicopter in “Jopping”; the spaceship, train, and cars in “100”; the drones and cars in “One (Monster & Infinity)”.

During the group’s interview with Forbes, they revealed there was a particular reason why they gravitated toward using all those modes of transportation.

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While thinking about their past music videos, Kai pointed out the common thread among them and stated how well they suited the group. “If you look at our past music videos, there’s helicopters, tanks, a lot of cars; that goes really well with SuperM’s concept as a group.

Though that was part of the reason why SuperM often included them, there was an overall meaning behind the choice. “That’s why those modes of transportation were illustrated through our music videos.

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It became a SuperM staple because of the pandemic. Since helicopters, tanks, and cars are designed to transport someone from one place to another, the group is using it as symbolism to compare how they transport fans into a happier place with their music:

We can’t really travel right now because of the pandemic and everything that’s going on. But, we really hope that—just like these modes of transportation take you somewhere—that our songs and our music and this album can be that mode of transportation to take you to a place of hope and to take you to that higher place where everyone can enjoy themselves and be happy.

— Kai

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Taemin added onto Kai’s explanation by also emphasizing the importance of everyone coming together and gaining strength from them, “Rather than as individuals, we all need to come together and unite to overcome.

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Even though many of SuperM’s music videos look expensive and cinematic on the outside, there’s always a touching meaning beneath the surface to comfort fans in these difficult times.

Source: Forbes