Here’s How Taeyang Proved His Love For Min Hyorin Over The Last 4 years

BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are known to be not only stable but happy despite having been together for 4 years! So, what’s their secret? Part of it must surely be Taeyang’s devotion to Min Hyo Rin.

Here are five ways he proves his love for Min Hyo Rin:

1. He writes her handwritten lettersTaeyang enjoys writing letters and, for Min Hyo Rin, he writes them whenever he thinks of her.

“I think I write frequently to my girlfriend. I write one whenever I think of her.”

— BIGBANG’s Taeyang

2. He considers her his muse

When asked whether his relationship inspires him, Taeyang went above and beyond to confirm Min Hyo Rin’s influence on him.

“As it was the case with ‘Eyes, Noes, Lips’, it’s impossible not to be influenced. She’s someone I love the most, so I think of her as an inspiring muse.”

— Taeyang

3. His moods are influenced by Min Hyo Rin

On an episode of Radio Star, fellow BIGBANG members agreed that they can tell if Taeyang has had a fight with Min Hyo Rin when he looks down.

G-Dragon: You can just see it on his face.

Seungri: You could say that Min Hyo Rin dictates all of Taeyang’s emotions.

4. He sends her flowers

Taeyang has been known to send his girlfriend flowers and even once sent her a bouquet with a card that read, “My flower, My Muse”.

5. He practices jokes for her

Taeyang has admitted that he doesn’t always have the best jokes and that min Hyo Rin doesn’t really like dad-jokes. That’s why he keeps practicing!

Source: Insight