Here’s What T.O.P Does For Work These Days

T.O.P was spotted at the Yongsan Crafts Museum.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is currently serving his military duty as a public service worker at the Yongsan-gu Office in Korea.

T.O.P began his military service as a conscripted policeman but was released from the position when he was found guilty of marijuana use.


Reportedly, T.O.P has been assigned by the Yongsan-gu Office to provide public service at the province’s latest facility, Yongsan Crafts Museum, for the remaining period of his military duty.


Yongsan-gu Office shared an official video on its Facebook page, promoting  Yongsan Crafts Museum. In this clip, T.O.P appears for a few seconds, overlooking the children who are participating in a ceramics class.


용산구에 지난 2월 개관한 용산공예관!!많이 알고 계시죠?^^내부 모습이 어떤지 궁금해하시는 분들이계실 것 같아서용산공예관 내부모습을 담은영상을 공개합니다~날씨는 좋은데 미세먼지 때문에나들이 고민하고 계신 분들!!용산공예관으로 놀러오세요~~^^문의전화 : 02)2199-6180,6183#용산구 #용산공예관 #한남동 #도자기_공예 #미세먼지엔_야외_대신_용산공예관 #한복체험 #어르신공방 #공예가공방

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Yongsan Crafts Museum helps Yongsan-gu’s artist senior citizens by offering them employment. It offers classes, like the ceramics one T.O.P is supervising, to whomever would like to participate.


The Yongsan Crafts Museum and its classes received a lot of attention from Koreans and international visitors interested in learning crafts and ceramics.

<용산공예관이 개관했습니다>공예작품 어떠신가요?참 예쁘고 단아하고 그렇죠?^^우리 용산구 어르신들이 직접 만든작품도 있고, 전문가 작품도 전시돼 있는데요.판매도 가능하니 오셔서마음에 드는 작품은…

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When Yongsan-gu Office Facebook first released pictures of T.O.P working at the Yongsan Crafts Museum, fans reacted with excitement in the comments. Though the pictures have now been deleted, the level of interest in the Yongsan Crafts Museum remains high.

  • “Please tell me the date, time, contact info, and how I can reserve a spot. And please tell me if T.O.P is always helping with the ceramics class.”
  • “Yongsan-gu Office did this on purpose. They used T.O.P to attract more people to come, and I have been attracted. Let’s go learn some ceramics!”
  • “Their ceramics class is about to get fully booked. Yongsan-gu Office definitely did this on purpose.”


Some visitors have spotted T.O.P giving some hands-on tips for the ceramics class participants.

T.O.P is interacting with children who have attended the ceramics class. The students seem intrigued by T.O.P working with clay.


You can watch a longer version of the fan-filmed T.O.P hard at work here:

Source: Dispatch and YongsanFB