Here’s the true difference between good and bad boba

Boba tea is a drink that everybody all over the world enjoys, but what criteria do people use to judge whether they should buy the tea or not?

Boba tea originated from Taiwan in the 1980s and has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Most of them contain tea topped with milk or fruit in a cup filled with tapioca, or black pearls. There are countless amounts of boba stores out there, so what do customers consider when deciding which store they want to buy from?

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The first thing most people think of is the taste. Taking that into account, each person has a different taste bud so what may seem good to one may be terrible to another. However, most people do prefer fresh boba tea, meaning that the cup should be tightly sealed and the boba should taste chewy. The level of sweetness should be adequate, and the ratio between boba and milk should be just right.

The next most important factor people take into account is the appearance of the boba tea. If it looks good, it should taste good. Many people make sure that the cup isn’t filled with ice and no drink, although it does come down to preference. The reason most people buy boba tea is for the chewy tapioca inside, so there should always be a reasonable amount. Because boba is black, it is easy to tell how much there is just by looking.

Many stores have created their style of bubble tea. Some decide to change up the original look of a boba tea by adding unique decorations; some choose to try different ingredients to create a distinctive taste.

Stores have been trying to come up with new and creative ideas to make themselves distinguishable amongst others.

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