Here’s The Truth About Hank Yoo, The Korean-American Nazi Arrested In Texas This Week

It may not be such a surprise that he was arrested.

On April 9, Hank Yoo was suspected of making false statements while purchasing a firearm and was arrested on a federal warrant by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

In reality, this isn’t the first time that the “Asian Nazi” has made the news. His drastic political views may be considered distasteful, to say the least, but have proven to give him a bit of infamy.


In recent years he’s been known for his YouTube videos where he dresses as a Confederate cavalry member and sings the Confederate anthem “Dixie”. Hank has also dressed in the same manner during interviews and other public appearances.


… And that’s not where Hank’s ideas stop. He is also known for being anti-semitic, sexist, racist, and Islamaphobic.


In the past, he described the Black Lives Matter protests as a “terrorist organization that threatens the safety of our troops and our cops” and once again sang “Dixie” in front of a sign that read “Death to Islam.”

Trump supporter

This is the most embarassing thing I've seen، stop him before he kills people!

Posted by Drump on Sunday, February 11, 2018

His views have also resulted in the termination of his employment at his previous job and disqualification for the army.


He also seems to have a real problem with people who, as he sees it, don’t assimilate into American culture.

But he doesn’t say what this assimilation is supposed to look like or be.


Not only that, but Hank also seems to have a big issue with single mothers and has posted hateful comments about them on his Facebook account.


To top it off, in 2016, Hank was indicted on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Bail for the charge was set at $60,000.


After Hank’s dark past, it may not be such a surprise that he was arrested once again.

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