Here’s why TWICE are called the Spoiler Fairies

TWICE have spoiled songs and choreographies so often that fans have given them the title of “Spoiler Fairies.”

Recently, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE would be having an upcoming comeback with “Knock Knock.” After hearing the official announcement, fans realized that TWICE actually spoiled the comeback title already on one of their V-Live broadcasts. The members of TWICE were heard actually saying the name of the future song, and possibly even singing it.

Aside from spoiling their upcoming single, they also spoiled a possible BLACKPINK collaboration, and they also teased for possible choreography on multiple occasions. For example, during the beginning of one of their performances, the members were spotted doing a leg sweep that wasn’t initially a part of the choreography.

Unable to keep a secret, the members repeated “Knock Knock” multiple times.

Tzuyu was also spotted giving spoilers.


It was noticed that the members did a dance move that is not originally part of “Cheer Up.”