Here’s TWICE Chaeyoung’s Only Flaw, According To Dahyun

Chaeyoung is still flawless in our eyes! ❤️

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is gorgeous, talented, and a true ace!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @twicetagram/Instagram

Chaeyoung is about as close to flawless as one person can get, but…

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She does have one really annoying habit, according to Dahyun.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

On an episode of JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, Dahyun revealed Chaeyoung’s annoying habit that startles all the members.

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Dahyun said she had a “complaint” against Chaeyoung. She said, “It would be good if Chaeyoung could stop making noise while brushing her teeth.”

The other members totally agreed with Dahyun as Chaeyoung laughed while looking embarrassed.

Dahyun continued, “It’s like having a middle-aged man at our place all of a sudden…I got scared. So, I opened the door and found her vomiting.” 

Chaeyoung only makes the noise when she’s brushing her tongue, presumably because she accidentally triggers her gag reflex while brushing her tongue. The Knowing Bros cast immediately knew what kind of sound Chaeyoung makes while brushing her teeth, and they imitated the sound.

The cast members also said that brushing their tongues hurts less when they make noise. Super Junior‘s Heechul gave Chaeyoung some friendly advice and said that brushing her tongue would hurt less if she held her tongue while brushing it.

Chaeyoung admitted that she was the only TWICE member who makes a noise while brushing her teeth. Nayeon agreed and said, “If you hear that sound, Chaeyoung’s in the bathroom.”

While Chaeyoung’s tongue brushing sound may be Dahyun’s pet peeve, we think this tiny flaw makes Chaeyoung even more endearing! Of course, Dahyun was teasing Chaeyoung in good fun, and any people who live together are bound to annoy each other at times, even if they are incredibly good friends like Dahyun and Chaeyoung are.

Check out the full Knowing Bros clip below.


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