Here’s What TWICE’s Momo Wishes Fans Knew About How Hard TWICE Works For Each Comeback

They work so hard!

There’s no doubting that TWICE is an incredibly hard-working group, and Momo recently shared some details about just how hard they work.

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In the six years since their debut, TWICE has blessed us with tons of memorable and iconic songs. This year, they released their latest mini album, Taste of Love, with the title track “Alcohol-Free.”

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They also released a full-length Japanese album, Perfect World, with the title track “Perfect World.” They also released a video for the track “Kura Kura” this year.

| TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube

Most recently, they put out their first Enligh single, “The Feels,” and they’re gearing up to release another full-length album in November.

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Clearly, TWICE has been very busy! Although they’re almost always working on something, the members treat everything they do with the utmost importance.

TWICE | @purpletwts/Twitter

During an interview with NME, the members were asked, “What do you wish that fans knew about what it takes to prepare for a comeback?”

| @willvina_21/Twitter

Momo explained that the members were always giving their “best effort” to prepare for their performances, even when fans can’t see them. They had even had dance practice just before their NME interview!

Even today before the interview, we went to the practice room to practice our choreography. I want our fans to know that even when they don’t see us, even when we’re not on camera, we’re always putting our best effort to give the best performances and to our fans and to the public.


| TWICE/YouTube

ONCEs have definitely noticed how hard TWICE works, and we’re all grateful for how hard they work to give their fans great music and performances each and every time!


Source: NME