Here’s Why TWICE Pronounces “Feel Special” The Way They Do, As Explained By A Korean

It all makes sense.

A curious K-Pop fan posted a question to Internet community board Quora, asking: “Why does Jeongyeon say feel ‘speciarr’?

Fellow Quora user Hayne Kang came through with a very thorough response.

In Korean, there’s no difference between the letter “l” and “r”. Both are pronounced as “ㄹ”, and most of the time, it sounds more like an “r” than an “l”.

—Hayne Kang, Quora user and K-Pop fan

Hayne went on to elaborate and said, “That’s called Konglish(Korean+English), and many Koreans have that accent. Words are also divided into extra syllables. For example; “special” becomes three syllables, “스(seu)”, “페(pe)”, and “셜(sheol)”. And like I said, “l” is pronounced like an “r”.

Well, there you have it! That’s why TWICE says “feel special” the way they do, and honestly, we don’t think anyone would have it any other way.

Source: Quora