Here’s How TWICE’s Tzuyu Helped ITZY’s Chaeryeong During Her Trainee Days

A simple but kind action.

During a live broadcast, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong shared a heartwarming story of when TWICE‘s Tzuyu helped her during her trainee days.


Chaeryeong shared that when she was a trainee, they had to exercise before they danced. This exercise routine was comprised of many difficult exercises, and Chaeryeong admitted that she struggled a lot.

There was also a system in place for these exercise routines, as the company put the trainees into teams to do the exercises. If even one person in the team failed an exercise, then the entire team had to do it again.

One time, Chaeryeong was struggling with her sit-ups, and Tzuyu suddenly came over and held her legs down to assist her.

Chaeryeong was both shocked and thankful towards Tzuyu, as her simple action ended up helping a lot.

Here’s the full video below!