Here’s TWICE Tzuyu’s Funniest Variety Show Mistake, According To Dahyun

Everyone found it hilarious 😂

During a past radio show appearance, TWICE‘s Dahyun revealed one of Tzuyu‘s funniest variety show mistakes—and it will never not be memorable!

It all started when the MC of the radio show asked which member improved their variety show skills the most since debut.

The members of TWICE have been joining quite a few variety shows. Even as a member, is there anyone who made me feel amazed by their improvement in variety shows?

— MC

Dahyun picked maknae Tzuyu, and she shared a hilarious story to explain why. When they previously guested on a variety show, Tzuyu accidentally blurted out “It’s so boring” instead of “It’s fun.” It couldn’t have been more different from what she intended on saying!

I have been joining quite a few shows, but initially thdere was once where Tzuyu said ‘It’s so boring‘ instead of ‘It’s fun‘ in a variety show.

— Dahyun

It didn’t take long for Tzuyu to improve, though! Dahyun admitted to being very amazed at her refined speaking skills. “But now as two years have passed, she has gotten better at speaking, better at expressing herself too, so I was amazed by her.

Hearing the hilarious story, the MC commented that Tzuyu must have brought a lot of laughter to the variety show…

…and Dahyun readily agreed, saying, “It was really funny.

When explaining her side of the story, Tzuyu shared that it was exactly as Dahyun had said. The highlight of the situation for her, however, was when GOT7‘s Jackson was so proud of her mistake that he gave her a high five!

I wanted to say fun, but instead I said boring. And the thing is that right after I said the wrong word, Jackson gave me a high five.

— Tzuyu

Hear more funny stories from TWICE in the full video below.

Source: Once Zone Subs