Here’s Why TWICE’s Latest V LIVE Might Be One Of Their Most Iconic Ever

TWICE were in rare form in this V LIVE.

TWICE‘s July 24 V LIVE broadcast is pretty much pure gold all throughout, but there were several moments in the broadcast that made this a broadcast that ONCEs will never forget. Firstly, the broadcast replay is literally titled “V behind the company’s back🤟”, so that’s already a sign that the girls would be completely unbridled. Their personalities and hilariousness shined through 100-fold.

At one point, Jeongyeon opened the door for a bathrobe-clad, glasses-wearing, and face masked Nayeon on camera and didn’t feel any ways about it.

And despite Nayeon’s best efforts to hide from the camera, she still appeared from time to time like a terrifying yet hilarious ghost of Christmas Past.

The broadcast wasn’t all funny, though; the girls also showed their sweet side. Jeongyeon fawned over how pretty Mina was and even took her jacket off to give Jihyo a comfortable place to sit.

You can watch the entire V LIVE broadcast featuring TWICE at the top of their game below: