Here’s How An Unknown K-Pop Idol Saved Her Small Company From The Brink Of Going Under And Became A Success

The company even dedicated an entire floor to this artist.

Some idols are so successful that they can help expand their companies by themselves. Sometimes, it just takes 1 idol for a company to make a name for themselves, which is what happened with LOEN Entertainment.

The idol that helped build LOEN Entertainment is none other than IU. IU had quite a difficult journey in becoming a singer, where she got rejected by over 20 companies.

LOEN Entertainment was the company that saw the potential in her and decided to take a chance with her.

IU got accepted as a trainee in 2007 and debuted in 2008. She didn’t have great success until 2010 when she released her song “Good Day”.

IU became a huge star seemingly overnight, and her success only grew larger as time went on. She began participating in acts other than music, such as acting.

Since then, IU’s songs always seem to top the charts, and she’s seen as one of the best solo artists in Korea. LOEN Entertainment grew with IU’s success, such as them moving from a small building to a 6-floor building. LOEN Entertainment also expanded by buying shares of other big agencies due to IU’s success.

LOEN Entertainment is now known as Kakao M, but they still recognize the work that IU did for LOEN Entertainment.

Here is the full video below!