Here’s Why We All Want To Join “The Glory” Actor Lee Do Hyun’s Family

Does joining as a spouse count?

We all fell for actor Lee Do Hyun‘s charms as Joo Yeo Jeong in Netflix‘s The Glory—and now he has given us reasons to love him even more!

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In a recent episode of the tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, Lee Do Hyun revealed a different side of himself that fans had yet to see. In a heartfelt conversation with the show’s hosts, he opened up about his family and how they’ve shaped his life and career.

The actor spoke with great affection about his younger brother who has a developmental disability, and how he feels bad about not spending enough time with him because of his career.

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I get very emotional when I think about my brother. My parents have to care for him, and he doesn’t have any friends. I need to be there for him as a friend, but there are many times I can’t because I’m filming.

He then stated that he plans on spending a lot of time with him after he’s finished with his current filming.

This isn’t the first time he has spoken about his brother; at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards, he won the best actor for Youth of May and during his speech, he had tears in his eyes as he gave a speech stating that his brother is a reminder to him of why he began acting.

Lee Do Hyun then talked about how he feels like his flaws are out in the open when with his brother who can’t lie, but that it helps him be an honest person.

My brother is really cute, stubborn, loves to eat, and a pure kid who can’t lie. Please understand that if you ever get the chance to meet him.

He then jokingly expressed his disappointment that his brother’s phone background is a K-Pop girl group idol and not his own picture.


Lee Do Hyun then showed how much he cares for his parents. Growing up, his mother worked multiple jobs a day and had only about four hours of sleep every night. Therefore, in high school, the actor consistently worked multiple jobs to support himself such as delivering newspapers, working at restaurants, and working at a wine store. When asked what he spent his first paycheck on, Lee Do Hyun said he spent it on taking a family portrait because they didn’t have one at the time. Seeing the big family portraits in K-Dramas, the actor dreamed of having one in his house, so he paid ₩700,000 KRW (about $545 USD) for his family’s portrait.

Lee Do Hyun also poured the money he made from his hard work into his family by moving them to a newer and bigger house. The house he and his family previously lived in was small and they lived there for 20 years—but finally, they were able to move to a spacious house with big windows thanks to his hard work. His mother was so moved she cried, and seeing his parents bright and happy in their new living space made all his hard work worth it.

The actor then made us all melt with a dream of his.

He said he wants to give his parents another wedding and send them on their own private vacation.

Lee Do Hyun’s love and care for his family left a deep impression on the hosts and viewers alike, who were moved by his sincerity and humility. He is truly a devoted son and brother and you can tell he is deeply rooted in the love he has for his family—and his family is lucky to have such a loyal and sweet family member as Lee Do Hyun!

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