Here’s A Way EXO-L’s Can Save Money and Get Rich

A Japanese EXO-L came up with an ingenious way to save money with the help of EXO.

The fan made a small coin bank out of a box and stuck a photo of her favorite EXO member, Chen, on the cover.

She made a small slit where Chen’s hand opened, and on top of the box she wrote: “Let’s give Chen his allowance!”

The EXO coinbox idea received incredibly positive reactions, so Dispatch prepared photos of other EXO members so you can make your own!

Place the slit on his finger heart and give Sehun his allowance!
The way to Kai’s heart is to slip him some allowance.
Suho may require a little more allowance than the others, based on the size of his heart!
Baekhyun would like more than few coins for his allowance!
D.O approves this method of saving.
You could save double the allowance with both Suho and Chen on the cover.
Kai has a very specific place he would like his allowance.

Source: Dispatch