Here’s What Happened When Taeyeon Tried To Buy Tickets To Her Own Concert

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon revealed she knows just how difficult it really is to book tickets for her concerts.

Taeyeon recently held her second solo concert tour in Seoul, Persona, and during the show, she assured her fans that she was aware of the incredibly competitive ticketing process for her concerts.

With the world’s fastest Internet speeds, fans aggressively and quickly make reservations for tickets online just seconds after ticket sales have opened.

During the talk session of the concert, Taeyeon revealed that she tried buying tickets to her concert herself, but failed multiple times.

“I try to buy tickets myself. I wanted to know why my fans always asked me to ‘Please hold the concert in a big location’.” And low and behold, it was a complete failure. I thought my phone was messing up.”

— Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Source: Dispatch